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MMA Safety Enhancement Grant Award - May 2016

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Municipal Officials are pleased to announce that the City of Biddeford has received a Safety Enhancement Grant awarded by the Maine Municipal Association for $1,385.33.

The Safety Enhancement Grant and Scholarship Grant programs offer financial incentives to members of the Maine Municipal Association Workers’ Compensation Fund. These grants are used to purchase safety equipment or services that assist in reducing the frequency and severity of workplace injuries. Improving workplace safety for municipal employees saves taxpayers money by reducing lost hours at work, cost of insurance claims and overtime expenses for employees who might have to fill in for injured co-workers.

The Maine Municipal Association has been awarding safety grants to Members of their Workers’ Compensation fund since 1999. The Grant program has assisted municipalities by bestowing more than $3.8 million through funding of 3,070 Safety Enhancement Grants and 424 Scholarship Grants.

Loss Control Department for Maine Municipal Association, advises the program received 179 applications for this grant period and $153,019 was awarded. Grants are awarded in May and October each year.

Further Information

For more information about any of the Maine Municipal Association Risk Management Service programs, including Safety Enhancement Grants eligibility and applications, please visit their website, or call at 800-590-5583.

Note: the grant funds will be used to purchase ergonomic chairs for the dispatch staff in BPD's PSAP.