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Biddeford, ME 04005

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Hours:  Monday - Friday

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This office maintains a record of each property within the city.  The record contains prior ownership information, building characteristics, selling prices, copies of deeds, tax maps and aerial photographs.  The city maintains these records to enable appropriate assessment of property for tax purposes.  However, all of these records are open to the public for their inspection and are available for research or review.

This office contains 7,999 parcels which are very diverse in nature.  This consists of ocean front and coastal area parcels. Also included are riverfront parcels with ocean access, riverfront parcels with no access, rural farm areas along with the typical urban, suburban, commercial and industrial areas.  In addition to the real estate accounts, we also have 662 personal property accounts.




   Assessment Date:         April 1st

   Commitment Date:       August 17, 2017

   Fiscal Tax Year:            2017 - 2018

   Tax Rate:                      $20.07 per thousand

   Certified Ratio:             100%

   Interest Rate:               7%

   Bi-Annual Tax Dates:    October 11, 2017

                                          April 11, 2018