Finance & Tax Department

Official Seal of the City of Biddeford
Official Seal of the City of Biddeford
Finance Number: (207) 284-9333

Tax Number: (207) 284-9326

For your convenience, we have voice mail for after hours or if no one is immediately available.

Welcome to the City of Biddeford's Finance & Tax Department.  "If it's money related, we either bill it, track it, control it, or account for it"  Here are some of the things we do:

  • Provide financial reporting to the Finance Committee, the City Council, and the public.
  • Bill and track the collections of property taxes and place liens on delinquent accounts, both real estate and sewer use.
  • Work with other city departments to assure proper asset control measures are in place with emphasis on separation of duties.
  • Work closely with the City Manager in annual budget preparation work.
  • Work with independent outside auditors to provide all source documents and supporting detail to allow them to conduct a full and thorough audit which leads to an opinion regarding the general purpose financial statements representing the City of Biddeford's financial position.
  • Report the results of our annual audit to all municipal rating organizations such as Moody's and Standard and Poor's (S&P).
  • Forecast cashflow and invest in secure (rated "AAAm" by S&P and "Aaa" by Moody's) institutional instruments balancing the daily cash requirements of the city with the goal of maximizing the return for the citizens of Biddeford.
  • Conduct internal audits of various departments at differing times of the year.
  • Provide guidance to all city departments regarding elements of accounting and controls.
  • Audit and review all source journals for accuracy and completeness.  Create, post, and file any recurring or general journal entries as may be required.
  • Consolidate all school department financial activity including a monthly school/city reconciliation which allows for the publication of monthly internal general purpose financial statements detailing all Individual Fund and Account Group Statements including the city's:
    • General Fund
    • Special Revenue Funds
    • Capital Projects Funds
    • Proprietary Funds
    • Fiduciary Funds
  • Provide financial information to citizens and constituents.
  • Assure tight controls over all municipal disbursements via the weekly warrant process which, provides for review by the Mayor, City Manager, and Member(s) of the Finance Committee.

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