Welcome to the City of Biddeford Maine GIS Website

This is the Biddeford Maine GIS web site.  GIS is a division of the City’s Engineering Department.


The City of Biddeford GIS was a recipient of a 2007 ESRI Special Achievement in GIS award. 


Please take a moment to read this page before using the City of Biddeford Maine GIS web site.



What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System.  A GIS is a collection of computer software, hardware and data used to manage, analyze and present information.  One of the most common and useful ways to do this is in the form of a map.  GIS maps are capable of conveying simple formation as well as more complex maps.  GIS can be useful for general information and for very specific projects.   For more information on what GIS is please follow the link to ESRI.  The “What is GIS?” site does a wonderful job explaining GIS and how it affects our everyday lives.  


Our Site

The City of Biddeford brought GIS online in the late winter of 2004.  From the start it has been received positively by City employees, residents and by people and businesses nationwide.  From the start the City has used the input from the public to make this site as easy and as useful as possible.  At this time we are making the most sweeping changes ever to the site.  We are moving onto a new server giving the site a new look and feel.  We are also adding new functionality to the site in the way of comparable sales and vacant lot searches.  Users will now have the option of looking at a limited set of data or to download the assessor’s card for a property.  In the near future will be setting up a data catalog so those who would like data sets may download that information.  So, whether you are a hunter looking for areas to hunt or you’re realtors looking for information on home sales we think our site has a lot to offer.


GIS Map Room

In this area you will find some of the more popular maps available for download at no charge.  These maps are in PDF format and require a PDF viewer.  Although they are available for download, printing may be difficult for most users.  These maps and the PDF were created full size and can range from 8½”x11” to 36”x65” with most of them 11”x17” or larger.  Only those people with large scale printers will be able to print these maps at full size.


GIS Data Catalog

In this area you will find many of the City’s GIS data sets.  This data is available for download at no charge.  Specialized software is required to view and/or use this data.  The City of Biddeford does not supply the software needed.  Users are required to acquire the software themselves.  Data and metadata will be posted as it becomes available.


Currency of Data

For security reasons the City has chosen to not link directly to the City’s databases.  The web site uses copies of the City’s Data.  For this reason there is a lag in the currency of some of the data.  Most data on this site is updated annually.  Aerial photography on this site is from 2003 and 2007.  The City has digital aerials from 2012 that, due to size limitations, is not available online.   Please contact us if you need portions of the City's 2012 aerials.  The 2012 aerials are also available through the Maine Office of GIS website.


Property Boundary Lines

The property boundaries or parcel layer, as shown on this site are not, and are not intended to be accurate legal boundaries. 


Although we strive to show the boundaries as close to their actual shape and location as possible they are not to be construed as surveyed property lines. 

When the City first created the parcel layer data from various sources were used to create the parcels.  These sources included paper maps, CAD versions of tax maps and 1 meter resolution black and white aerials.  All of these original data sources had some level of inaccuracy.  Every effort was made to make the data fit together but the inaccuracies of the source data created the errors of the parcel layer.  Parcels outside of the downtown core were done first and were created using the least accurate data, e.g. 500 scale maps, 1 meter aerials.  Lots in the downtown area used higher scale maps and were created after the delivery of the aerials currently in use on this site so they are shown more accurately. The decision was made to use the layer as is and to, over time, improve the parcels.  Improving the accuracy of the parcels is a long process and includes using deeds and plans and other land records.  Users familiar with the Hills Beach and Biddeford Pool areas may notice that the lots in these areas have been improved.  To create some of these improved lots we went back to the original South Point Cottage Lots plan of 1882 by WS Dennett as well as other plans both new and old.   Over the next few updates we will be doing the same to the lots in the Mile Stretch and Fortunes Rocks area.  As new sub division plans and surveys come in we try to make improvements to those lots as well.

As I stated above, the lots as shown on our parcel layer are not surveyed boundaries. If you need an accurate map of your property you may need to contact a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.  For the names of surveyors in the area you can contact the Maine Society of Land Surveyors or the local phone book


Shore Land Zones, Stream Buffers

These areas are shown on the map as approximate.  Development and improvements in and around these areas may require field verification or more accurate mapping by the owner, developer, etc.


Contacting Us

Your input on this site is important.  It’s how we know what you want this site to be.  All the changes to this site have come from user input.  For any requests, questions, comments or suggestions regarding the GIS site we can be reach by email at, by phone at 207 284-9118 and fax at 207-286-9384. 


Enjoy the Site!

Gregory J. Copeland, PLS

Engineering Programs Manager, GIS Coordinator