Welcome to the City Clerk's Office

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Our Working Philosophy:

"To Cultivate a Professional and
Caring Environment for
Our Customers, Co-Workers and
Our Community so that in
Effectively Working Together
We can Achieve Excellence."

Duties and functions of the City Clerk’s Office include:

  • Receipt, retention, maintenance and sales of all vital records (births, deaths & marriages); preparation of monthly report and payment to the State
  • Sales of sporting licenses (fishing, hunting, etc); preparation of monthly reports and payment to the State
  • Sales of annual dog licenses; preparation of monthly reports and payment to the State
  • Sales of annual beach permits
  • Sales of annual commercial & recreational shellfish licenses
  • Collection of annual mooring fees and maintenance of mooring applications (includes preparation and mailing of reminder notices each January)
  • Collection of Code Enforcement Office fees when their Administrative Assistance is absent
  • Collection of real estate and personal property taxes and sewer fees
  • Collection and processing of annual business licenses – new and renewal (includes preparation and mailing of reminder notices each licensing year)
  • Administration of oaths; notarization of documents; Dedimus Justice services (City Clerk only)
  • Registration of all motor vehicles – new and renewal
  • Registration of boats, ATVs and snowmobiles – new and renewal
  • Bi-weekly preparation of Council Meeting agendas and packets; uploading council packet documents on the City’s website; attendance at all council meetings as the Clerk of the Council
  • Coordinates and ensures all publication of meeting agendas, bid notices and other public notices as necessary
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of Council agendas, meeting minutes and supplements to the Code of Ordinances in hard copy and on the City’s website
  • Preparation of monthly Policy Committee and Capital Projects Committee meeting agendas and meeting packets.
  • Retention of the City’s Committees/Commissions/Boards agendas and meeting minutes electronically and on the City’s website
  • Coordination of yearly update/supplement of Biddeford’s Code of Ordinances with/to General Code
  • Maintains committee/commission/board applications and helps to coordinate appointments
  • Anything and everything regarding voter registration and the election process – which of course includes preparing for and conducting as many School Budget Validation Elections as is necessary to pass the school budget each year.