Animal Control


2018 dog licenses are now available.
All dogs have to be licensed in the State of Maine (even small ones).The cost is $6 for a fixed dog and $11 for an intact dog.

Click here to do your license on-line.

Or stop by or call the City Clerks Office. Don’t forget to bring a current rabies certificate.



Frequently asked questions.

My pet got loose and hasn’t come back, what do I do now?

You should call the Biddeford Police dept. (207-282-5127) and make a lost animal report. Also you should call the Animal Welfare Society (207-985-3244) to see if someone has brought it in. If you live near a town line you should also call the Animal Control or Police dept. for that town. Click here for a list of Animal Control Officers.  

My dog/myself got bit by another dog, do I need to do anything?

Yes. If you can, get the owner’s information (name, address, phone number). Also get the dogs information (name, vet they use, vaccine status). Then call the Biddeford Police Dept as soon as you can. We need to know that a bite happened so it can be recorded and we can make sure the dog is healthy. This doesn’t mean that we are going to take the dog, very rarely does that happen.

My neighbors dog keeps coming on my property, how do I address this?

I would first try to talk to the owner of the dog. Most of the time they don’t know that the dog comes over or that it bothers someone when it does. If that doesn’t work or you feel uncomfortable with that you can call Biddeford Animal Control and we can speak to them about the issue.

I saw a fox/coyote near my house, should I be concerned?

Most likely no. They are normally not a threat to people. Foxes and coyotes will come out during the day. If you have food out for cats etc. then take it in. Keep your cats and small dogs inside or only let them out supervised. Foxes and coyotes could try to go after them. However if the animal is showing odd behavior such as “looking drunk” or being aggressive then you should contact the Biddeford PD or the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Low cost spay neuter clinic.

The Animal Welfare Society offers a low cost spay neuter clinic for cats and dogs. They also offer microchips and rabies vaccine at the time of surgery.  

Prices are based on need and income please click the link below for more information. 

AWS low cost clinic