Stations & Resources

Central Station

Central Station is located in the downtown district and houses the Command Staff, Fire Supression Division, Rescue Division, and the Fire Prevention/Investigation Divisions.

Biddeford Pool Volunteer Station 2

Organized in 1901, raised it's own money to purchase land and building. New station was built in 1954. The Biddeford Pool Station has 1 District Chief, and 7 call Firefighters. The Station is equipped with (1) 500 gal. 1250 Maxum Pumper, and (1) 1000 gal. pumper.

HillsBeach Volunteer Station 3

Built in 1984
Located approx. 4 miles from the center of the City and near the University of New England Campus.  This station was closed in 2007 and is now used for storage.