Application Forms..........................................

Application forms are available in two formats: MSWord and Adobe Acrobat. 

The MSWord files are formatted as MSWord 97-2003 and end in "(doc)" .  These files are fully editable.  Enter data directly into the spaces provided.  The form will expand as needed to accomodate data entry.

The Adobe Acrobat files end in "(pdf)".  The Adobe files are not editable but additional space is provided for data entry.  The Adobe files are provided for those who wish to complete an application by hand either prior to filling out the MSWord form or for a paper submittal.  Electronic applications are preferred, however a paper copy will be accepted and scanned as a PDF for electronic storage.

A complete application contains, at a minimum, an Industrial Pretreatment Application form and a Signatory Authorization form and any required Attachments.  Section #14 of the application is a process-specific section.  If additional Item #14 sheets are needed, a template is available for download.  Please remember to assign a page number to additional Item #14 forms. 

If attachments are required, please list all attachments under Item #24 of the Application and assign an approriate attachment number.