Welcome to the Biddeford Public Access home page.  Biddeford Public Access is one of three divisions within the Technology Department.

The concept of Public Access Television first began to take shape in the early 1970s when the cable television industry began “wiring” cities across the country with large capacity cable systems providing a multitude of channels for their subscribers.  At the same time the portable video equipment industry experienced a boom in sales of their new porta-pac video systems, particularly to independent and local educational users, creating a scarcity of outlets for producers who were looking for ways of distributing their video material.  Out of this high tech environment grew a grassroots origination of people who felt that cable television was the natural vehicle for overcoming video distribution problems on a local level. These public access advocates began organizing on a local, state and national level under the title of the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers, now known as the Alliance for Community Media.  The basic philosophy of this organization was that everyone should have access to the television medium under the First Amendment (the right of free speech).  As the word spread, concerned citizens and independent producers began petitioning their local governments to negotiate for dedicated access channels and the facilities needed to produce programs for these channels. The result has been rapid growth in the number of community or public access centers around the country.   The need for community television has been firmly established and a large number of communities across the country see public access as an important communication tool for residents. 

Like many other communities the City of Biddeford recognized the value of public access television.  As a result, the City created the Biddeford Public, Education and Access TV Center, known locally as Biddeford Public Access.  The Biddeford Public Access facility is currently located at 15 Columbus Way and is available to all citizens.

The majority of programing is locally produced, which involves scripting, organizing guests and speakers, and a commitment to diverse programming.  The programming would not be possible without the interest and continued support of the local producers - who all volunteer their time - and the staff at Biddeford Public Access that pull everything together by performing the majority of set up for each show, in-studio filming, editing, and airing of shows.  Citizens may also "sign-out" equipment in order to film at a specific venue.

In addition to production support duties, the staff at Biddeford Public Access records approximately 165 municipal and school meetings per year for live streaming and pre-recorded broadcast.   

The Biddeford Public Access website includes four subsections identified by the icons shown below.  Clicking on each will redirect you to the topic listed. 

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Producers' Corner

The Producers' Corner provides information and links specific to individuals interested in "producing" one or more shows on Biddeford Public Access. 

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The Volunteers' Corner provides information specific to individuals that want to explore opportunities to support the public access facility by volunteering their time.

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Forms Central is a clearinghouse for the various forms used by Biddeford Public Access.

CATV Franchise

The CATV Franchise section covers topics related to Time Warner Cable contact information and the 2005 City of Biddeford / Time Warner Cable Television Franchise Agreement.