Comprehensive Plan Update

Comprehensive Plan Update 2021

Biddeford is a beautiful small city on Maine’s coast with a lively downtown, historic mill buildings, beautiful beaches, the Saco River, as well as rural areas and natural spaces like Clifford Park. It is also home to great institutions like the University of New England, Southern Maine Health Care, and City Theater. Biddeford has so much to offer.

But what kind of place do you want Biddeford to be in the future? How do you want to see Biddeford grow, with new streets, new homes, new places to shop, play and enjoy nature? Where in Biddeford do you want to see the land used for recreation or to be left undisturbed?

Communities in Maine are required to create a comprehensive plan every 10 years or so. Our last plan was created more than 10 years ago now.

Why do cities create comprehensive plans? A comp plan guides growth. It influences policy decisions at many levels. And it helps ensure a better future.

Part of the plan takes stock of where we are now.  It describes the features and characteristics that exist today in Biddeford. Part of the plan takes this information and creates a plan for growth in a thoughtful manner.

We all want a beautiful and safe city that we can be proud of. We all want a place that has room for everyone.

But it all depends on the you. Your involvement will help shape where we live, work, and play. When we all come together, we can create a shared vision for the future Biddeford. The comprehensive plan is a roadmap to make this vision a reality.  

The people of Biddeford have a meaningful opportunity to create our comprehensive plan. And this opportunity is now.

We’ll be offering a variety of ways for you to help, including public meetings and online engagement. You can check back to this page,, for more information, sign up for our new Comprehensive Plan Updates email list, or stay connected with us on social media to find opportunities to have your voice heard.

Please join us in making Biddeford a better place to be!