Comprehensive Plan Update

What kind of place do you want Biddeford to be in the future? How do you want to see Biddeford grow, with new streets, new homes, new places to shop, play and enjoy nature? Where in Biddeford do you want to see the land used for recreation or to be left undisturbed? We want to hear from you!

Your involvement in Biddeford's Comprehensive Plan process will help influence life in our city over the coming years. When we all come together, we can create a shared vision for the future Biddeford. The comprehensive plan is a roadmap to make this vision a reality. 

Community Survey

As part of the on-going Comprehensive Plan process, we encourage you to take this Biddeford Community Survey and share your thoughts on important topics like housing, natural resources, and schools. The survey will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 

Prefer to take surveys by hand? A paper copy of the survey has been mailed to all Biddeford addresses, too. 

Take the Community Survey

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Survey FAQ: What area of Biddeford am I located in?

We've created a more detailed version of the map of Biddeford to help you find where you live!

Comp Plan Community Survey Map

Click on the colored buttons below to learn more about each of the following topics featured in the Community Survey!

Neighborhoods Module
Housing Module
Downtown Mill District
Climate Change Module
Natural Resources Module
UNE Module
Youth Module
Public Facilities

Stay Involved

We’ll be offering a variety of ways for you to help, including public meetings, focus groups, and online engagement. You can check back to this page,, for more information, sign up for our Comprehensive Plan Updates email list, or stay connected with us on social media to find opportunities to have your voice heard.

Sign up for email updates about the Comprehensive Plan

What to Expect

Your input is vital to this process! Here is how you can help us make Biddeford the community you want to see.

Phase 1: Surveys

In January, a team of Planning Board members, citizen volunteers, and City staff began working to develop fact sheets, videos and surveys related to important topics covered in the Comp Plan. Beginning in March, we began to share information on a new topic on a weekly basis. Community members were asked to respond to a short survey about each of these topics so that we can gather feedback. Closing dates for each of the surveys are listed below.

  1. Neighborhoods: May 28
  2. Housing: May 28
  3. Downtown Mill District: May 28
  4. Climate Change: June 4
  5. Natural Resources: June 4
  6. UNE Integration: June 11
  7. Youth/School System: June 11
  8. Public Facilities: June 18

Phase 2: Focus Groups

The City followed up on survey results with focus groups. At minimum, each topic had one focus group session with about 8 volunteer participants in each group. In the session, participants discussed various questions that relate to the topic that provided additional direction and feedback to staff. Each session lasted about two hours.

Phase 3: Community Survey & Public Meeting

A broader community survey has been developed to build upon feedback gathered in Phases 1 & 2. The survey will be released in late August. 

The format for a public meeting on the Comprehensive Plan, set to take place in early fall, will be dependent on public health considerations.


What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan guides growth in a community, influences policy decisions at many levels, and helps ensure a better future.

Part of the plan takes stock of where we are now. It describes the features and characteristics that exist today in Biddeford. These parts of the plan have begun to be developed and can be reviewed in the "Working Draft" document linked above.

Other parts of the plan take this information and create a plan for growth in a thoughtful manner. This is the part of the plan that we need your help with! The feedback that we collect through surveys and follow-up public engagement will define the community goals, and the strategies for reaching them, that are laid out in the final draft of the Comprehensive Plan that is presented to City Council.

Why is the Comprehensive Plan being updated now?

Communities in Maine are required to create a comprehensive plan every 10 years or so. Our last plan was created more than 10 years ago now.

There is a high level of interest in development in Biddeford right now. When development proposals are reviewed, our elected and appointed officials are actively making decisions that will shape Biddeford’s future. We need an up-to-date comprehensive plan that can be referenced to help guide these decisions. Our existing comprehensive plan does not accurately reflect the current state of or vision for the community.

How do you plan to engage members of the community who do not have access to the Internet?

We have identified several ways to inform residents about this process that do not require internet access, including but not limited to: articles and advertisements in the Courier, outreach through the School Department, McArthur Library and other community partners, paper copies of surveys located in community hubs, messages on electronic signs throughout the city, and posters in local businesses. Additionally, a portion of the survey process will be conducted through a citywide direct mailing. We are also open to hearing any other suggestions for safe offline outreach!

Who can I contact for more information about the Comprehensive Plan?

Please contact the Planning & Development Office at 207-284-9115.