Parking Ticket Appeal Process

All appeals must be filed within 20 days of the date that the parking ticket was issued.

If you have received a parking ticket and you disagree with the violation, we ask that you first contact the issuing officer to discuss the ticketed violation. If you are not satisfied after speaking with the issuing officer, then please ask to speak with the on-duty patrol shift supervisor who will assist you further.

However, if are not satisfied after meeting with the on-duty patrol shift supervisor, you may appeal the ticket by downloading and completing the Biddeford Police Department (BPD) Parking Ticket Appeal form (PDF). The appeal form is a fillable PDF document which can be completed via your computer and emailed to BPD or you may print the form and manually complete it. If you manually complete the form, you must bring it to the Biddeford Police Department or mail it to the Biddeford Police Department at 39 Alfred Street. 

Following Receipt of Appeal

Once the completed appeal form is received, it will be processed by the BPD Records Division and then forwarded to the Chief of Police who will grant or deny the appeal.

If the appeal is granted, the BPD Records Division will update the BPD records system and notify you in writing.

If the appeal is denied, the BPD Records Division will notify you of the denial and reason in writing.

Denial of Appeal

If your appeal is denied and you still desire to contest the parking ticket, you may come to the Biddeford Police Department and a Uniform Summons and Complaint will be issued with an assigned court date.

Also, please note that if your appeal is denied and payment of the penalty is not received within 30 days of the issuance of your ticket, the fine will double. If your ticket remains unpaid after six months it will be sent to a collection agency.

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding this process or the form, please call BPD at 207-282-5127.