Workforce Training

The Maine Department of Labor offers a number of training programs to help provide workforce training. Maine Career Center staff can also refer you to appropriate training and help you make a plan to meet your workforce needs.

Maine at Work Initiative

The Maine-at-Work Initiative was created to help employers and job seekers learn of the many resources
available to them.
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Maine Apprenticeship Program

The Maine Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is a formal, industry-led, nationally-recognized, workforce training program for employees that provides in-house skill development through structured on-the-job learning supplemented with technical and theoretical course work.

Maine Quality Centers

Through Maine's community college system, the Maine Quality Centers program offers special training grants for businesses that are expanding, need new skills, or are looking to locate in Maine.

Safety Works!

SafetyWorks! specializes in practical solutions to help make workplaces safer and healthier.