Downtown & Mill District Parking

Downtowns are important in many ways. They are the heart of a community, and serve as centers for services, employment, and civic interaction. They create a community's identity, to its residents and to people throughout the region.

See 'Related Documents', at right, for the latest Parking Management Plan draft.  This draft is still under consideration by City Council. 

A 3D rendering of the future downtown area with parking.

Biddeford's Downtown & Mill District

Here in Biddeford, the Mill District is viewed as an integral part of Biddeford's downtown, not as a distinct and separate area. Together, they make up a single vibrant neighborhood. Biddeford is diligently revitalizing itself with energy and imagination. Continuing the positive trends that downtown Biddeford has recently experienced depends, in part, on addressing a documented shortage of parking in the City's downtown district.

Need for Parking

As early as 2006, the need was well established. As outlined in the reports on the subject, new parking in downtown will stimulate new development, allow continued absorption of vacant Mill space, support existing downtown businesses, and create new access to existing and future phases of the RiverWalk.

Parking Management Plan Review - Process & Schedule

The Biddeford City Council is interested in obtaining public input and comments prior to establishing a downtown parking management plan.

Earlier in the process staff made several assumptions about a parking management plan in order to create what has been generally referred to as the parking garage pro forma worksheet. The City Council has not had any significant discussions about the assumptions.

The next step in the process is to provide the public with an opportunity to provide comment on parking and the components of a parking management plan for consideration before a formal plan is developed.

Council Listening Sessions

Due to citizen and business owner work schedules there will be three separate public opportunities for comment plus an online comment option. Two opportunities will be in the evening in front of the Biddeford City Council and one will be held by staff during the day.

The public opportunities will be established as listening sessions rather than public hearings. Listening sessions are voluntary, less formal, and allow for more flexibility. The sessions will not involve comment from members of the city council or staff in order to obtain as many comments as possible during each listening session.

The listening sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday, April 5 at 6 p.m.
    Council Chambers
    This will be the first council listening session.
  • Tuesday, April 10 at 6 p.m.
    Council Chambers
    This will be the second council listening session.
  • Thursday, April 12 at 1:30 p.m.
    Council Chambers
    This will be the staff listening session.

Online Comment Form

Additionally, there will be an online form for members of the public unable to attend any of the listening sessions. The online form will allow comment to be submitted through the website.

Please note that use of the online form does not require that the person submitting the comment provide an email address. If an email address is provided, each individual will receive a confirmation email along with a copy of their submittal. Additionally, each councilor and key staff members will receive an copy of every submittal via email.

Next Steps

Once the listening sessions have been completed, staff will compile all comments obtained at the listening sessions and from the online form and will prepare a draft parking management plan for consideration by the city council on or before Monday, June 18, 2018. 

The city council will then review the draft parking management plan following the traditional public process established for meetings of the city council. During this review the public will have opportunity to comment on the draft parking management plan and any revisions considered subsequent to final adoption.