Safety Committee

The purpose of the City of Biddeford's Safety Committee is to promote total safety awareness to every employee by discussing safety practices, procedures, concerns and approaches on a routine basis. It is used as a communication vehicle so that each employee becomes an integral part of the safety efforts of the City. It is used to encourage full participation by the employee in developing new safety ideas and in discussing areas considered to be problems by the employee and the supervisor.

The Safety Committee meets quarterly, has representation from every major department, and is chaired by Justin Banks. The City of Biddeford strongly encourages its employees to discuss potential safety concerns with members of the committee at any time. 

  1. Justin Banks

    Safety and Training Coordinator

  1. Alex Buechner

    Wastewater Superintendent

  1. Anthony Ciampi

    Training Manager - Corporal, FTO, Support Services Division

  1. Jeff Demers

    Public Works Director

  1. Shelly Gibson

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

  1. Lisa Thompson

    Deputy Recreation Director

  1. Deputy Chief Ken Thorpe stands in front of an American flag wearing his dress uniform.

    Kenneth Thorpe

    Deputy Chief