Employee Safety

Safety Mission Statement

The City of Biddeford recognizes its employees as one of its most important assets. As such, management has set a goal of providing a safe and healthful workplace for all employees. The City of Biddeford's safety program recognizes that the safe work behavior of each employee is a key to meeting this goal. 

Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to achieve an accident-free work environment for our employees. To help meet these goals, the City will provide safety awareness training to all employees based on the particular potential hazards of their job duties. We will also provide the necessary protective equipment to help reduce potential hazards and will allocate resources, as needed, to correct conditions that are brought to our attention. 


Each department has a designated contact person for worker' compensation claims and general information. See below for contact listing:

Justin Banks

City Hall / City Wide

Phone: 207-286-0593

Kathy Boyden

Fire Department

Phone: 207-282-6632

Starr Cloutier

Police Department

Phone: 207-282-5127

Kara Cote

Public Works Department

Phone: 204-282-1579

Cathi Ellis

Recreation Department

Phone: 207-283-0841