General Program Overview & Regulations

Federal Program

The national pretreatment program was established by Congress under authority of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 (P.L. 92-500) as amended by the Clean Water Act of 1977 (P.L. 95-217). The implementation and complaince requirements of these laws were first codified into 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 403 in 1978. A copy of 40 CFR Part 403 - General Pretreatment Regulations for Existing and New Sources of Pollution is available online.

State Program

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP or Department) received authority from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to administer the state NPDES and pretreatment programs on January 12, 2001 with additional program approvals on October 31, 2003. The Department acts as the state pretreatment program Approval Authority (AA). The Department's pretreatment program rules, 06-096 Chapter 528 - Pretreatment Program is available online.


The objectives of Maine's program are:

  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants into POTWs which will interfere with the operation of a POTW, including interference with its use or disposal of municipal sludge
  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants into POTWs which will pass through the treatment works or otherwise be incompatible with such works
  • To improve opportunities to recycle and reclaim municipal and industrial wastewaters and sludges

Cooperative Efforts

Many pretreatment programs work cooperativgely and effectively with industrial users to reduce contaminants in the waste stream through voluntary pollution prevention efforts.

Control Authority

The City of Biddeford is required to implement an industrial pretreatment program as the Control Authority or "CA." A copy of Biddeford's industrial pretreatment ordinance, Chapter 71 - Sewer Use Ordinance for the Industrial Pretreatment Program, can be obtained by viewing Supplemental Orders.