Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Documents

City of Biddeford budget documents will be posted to this website for public review and download. Every effort has been made to provide up-to-date information.

The municipal budget as submitted to the City of Biddeford Budget Committee is available below as individual files in order for the public to easily locate and access specific budget information.

As pages/files are updated throughout the review process, a new file will be added. The file name will start with the date of the meeting followed by "As Amended" and will contain the amended pages.

Budget Committee meetings have been televised and recorded. The meeting archive is available on the City of Biddeford website. The link will provide a video, agenda, and meeting documents associated with each meeting as this information becomes available.

Starting Budget

  1. 21199 Transfers Out (PDF)
  2. 31101 Industrial Park Improvement Fund (PDF)
  3. 31102 Mooring Fees Fund (PDF)
  4. 31106 Pool Beach Permits Fund (PDF)
  5. 31117 CDBG Fund (PDF)
  6. 31132 Airport Operations Fund (PDF)
  7. 31138 Community TV (Public Access) (PDF)
  8. 31179 Route 111 Mill Redevelopment TIF (PDF)
  9. 31180 Route 111 Mill Redevelopment, MERC Purchase (PDF)
  10. 31201 Recreation Program (General) (PDF)
  11. 31202 Recreation Program (Teen Center) (PDF)
  12. 31204 Recreation Program (Safari Camp) (PDF)
  13. 31206 Recreation Program (Outdoor, Summer) (PDF)
  14. 31209 Recreation Program (Youth Enrichment) (PDF)
  15. 31211 Recreation Program (Youth Sports) (PDF)
  16. 31214 Recreation Program (Adult Sports) (PDF)
  17. 31220 Recreation Program (Ross Center) (PDF)
  18. 31225 Recreation Program (Outdoor Adventure) (PDF)
  19. 31228 Recreation Program (Fields Management) (PDF)
  20. 31230 Recreation Program (Community Center Rentals) (PDF)
  21. 31240 Airport Reimbursable Fund (PDF)
  22. 32491 Ambulance Fund (PDF)
  23. Addititonal Information - Fire Department Presentation on Response Times (PDF)
  24. Airport Operations Revenue (PDF)
  25. Ambulance Revenue (PDF)
  26. Budget Meeting Calendar - (PDF)
  27. Budget Message Presentation - (PDF)
  28. Capital Improvement Program (PDF)
  29. Community TV (Public Access) Revenue (PDF)
  30. Department Head Presentation Calendar (PDF)
  31. Detail for Online Revenue Trends (PDF)
  32. Fire Department Presentation on Response Times (PDF)
  33. General Revenue Summary (PDF)
  34. Mooring Fees Revenue (PDF)
  35. Overall Budget Summary (PDF)
  36. Pool Beach Fund Revenue (PDF)
  37. Response to Police Dept Holiday Pay Question (PDF)
  38. Response to Recreation Fund Balance Question (PDF)
  39. Responses to Budget Committee Questions of March 26 (PDF)
  40. Special Revenue Funds Summary (PDF)