Finance Resources

For these questions, please call us at 207-284-9333:

  • If you are a vendor and need to know the status of an invoice or payment from the City of Biddeford we can provide you the information if the department that initiated the purchase has returned their vendor invoice with proof of receipt. Be advised that we may ask you to fax a copy of an invoice if it has not been turned in for payment by the initiating department.
  • If you are a person or entity who leases office space, retail space, airport hangar lots, etc., from the City of Biddeford and you have a question related to that you should ask for the Finance Director.
  • If you have received a notification that you have not cashed a check we sent you, ask for the Deputy Finance Director.
  • If you are a citizen of Biddeford, a member of the press, or are just interested, and have any questions regarding city finances and/or the budget, you should ask for the Finance Director.

For these questions, please call us at 207-284-9326:

  • If you wish to know the status of taxes or sewer user fees due on a property
  • If you need information on tax or sewer liens on your property
  • If you need a duplicate of your tax bill (NOTE: there is a $1 fee for producing a duplicate tax bill, so please try not to lose them)

For questions regarding the valuation of your property, please call the Assessor's Office at 207-284-9003.

For questions regarding the calculation of your sewer use bill, please call the Wastewater Office at 207-286-9387.

We don't like having to shuffle you around for your answers, but different offices handle different information and we would rather you get correct information than to guess at what we may not know. Thanks for your patience while we get you what you need!