Airport Commission

The Airport Commission advises the City of Biddeford on matters related to the Biddeford Municipal Airport.

The Airport Commission consists of seven Commissioners, with not more than three of the members holding a valid and current airplane pilot's license. Commissioners serve staggered terms of three years. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the Mayor shall appoint a Chairman, and the Commission shall elect a Vice Chairman and a Secretary.

  1. Carmen Bernier


    Term Expires: 12/2024

  2. Gerald Bernier

    Term Expires: 12/2025

  3. Thomas Bryand

    Term Expires: 12/2024

  4. Parker Montano

    Term Expires: 12/2023

  5. Frederick Oliver

    Term Expires: 12/2023

  6. Roland Pelletier

    Term Expires: 12/2024

  1. Jeff Demers

    Public Works Director