Personnel Committee

The Committee shall consist of a chairperson, who shall be a city councilor, and three (3) council members. There shall be no citizen members on the Personnel Committee. The Committee shall meet on an as needed basis.

The Personnel Committee assists the City of Biddeford in matters related to personnel.


The Personnel Committee meets on an as needed basis.

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  1. Norman Belanger

    Chair - Council President
    Phone: (207) 871-7500

    589 South Street

    Term Expires: 12/2023

  2. Doris Ortiz

    Council Member
    Phone: (207) 282-8988

    25 Union Street

    Term Expires: 12/2023

  3. William Emhiser

    Council Member
    Phone: (978) 821-0602

    15 Seventh Street

    Term Expires: 12/2023

  4. Scott Whiting

    Council Member
    Phone: (207) 808-0752

    81 High Street

    Term Expires: 12/2023

  1. James A. Bennett

    City Manager
    Phone: (207) 284-9313