Wastewater Management Commission

The Wastewater Management Commission consists of five (5) members, all Biddeford Residents, who shall serve a three year staggered term. The commission shall annually elect a chairperson and secretary from its own membership, and may adopt such bylaws as are necessary for the conduct of business.

The Wastewater Management Commission works with the Public Works Department to oversee wastewater operations in the City of Biddeford.

  1. Brian Fleurant

    Phone: (207) 229-2797
    77 Prospect Street
    Term Expires: 12/2020

  2. Robert, Jr. Quattrone

    Council Member
    Phone: (207) 229-9474
    7 Vincent Avenue
    Term Expires: 12/2019

  3. Bob Mills

    Phone: (207) 205-7977
    10 Windsor Lane
    Term Expires: 12/2020

  4. Sean Tarpey

    Phone: (207) 282-0408
    110 Cleaves Street (H)
    109 Cleaves Street (M)
    Term Expires: 12/2019

  1. Jeff Demers

    Public Works Director
    Phone: (207) 282-1579

  2. Tom Milligan

    City Engineer
    Phone: (207) 284-9118