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Museum Visits

Appointments to visit the museum can be made by calling the Fire Department at 207-282-6632. School and organization tours are most welcomed.

Coming Attractions

This depends on you! If you know of anyone who may have fire department memorabilia that could be donated to the museum, send them our way. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Red old-fashioned fire suppression vehicle with teddy bear in the driver's seat.

1924 Ahrens Fox

The Department is lucky that the center piece for the museum is a 1924 Ahrens Fox pumper. Delivered to the city in 1924, the truck is capable of pumping 750 GPM and was Biddeford's first custom Pumper. It was joined by an Ahrens Fox Ladder Truck in 1926 and another Ahrens Fox piston pumper with 1,000 GPM pumping capacity in 1928. Engine 1 though almost 80 years old it could still offer some pumping power at any fire.

Display Case Number 1

Contains various fire helmets used by department members through the years. Several trophies from fire musters can be seen on display both inside and outside the display case.

Over display case Number 1 are uniforms worn by members of the department in the fifties and early sixties. Also adjacent to display case Number 1 are various badges used by the department. Several of these badges date back to the 1800s.

Display featuring a case of helmets, shelves of trophies, and framed fire uniforms.
Display case holding sepia photos, trophies, and other fire memorabilia.

Display Case Number 2

This case contains pictures of members from 1860, 1870, 1880. One picture is that of Assistant Chief Samuel Hubbard, whom was appointed to that position in 1882. Also in the case are badges, two nozzles from the famous Hooper Street fire which occurred in 1963. Also various items such as parade belts, steamer plates from the steam pumpers and assorted items.

Display Case Number 3 & 4

Both of these cases contain the history of the Biddeford Fire Department dating back to 1832. Visitors can research back to:

  • Daily logs
  • Fire Reports
  • Memberships
  • Expenses
  • Maintenance
  • Company Records
Tall chest with glass doors with leather-bound books on the shelves.
Gamewell fire alarm box with street box and tapper.

Fire Alarm System

Biddeford went to a digital alarm system in the early seventies and the system replaced the famous Gamewell which had served the city since the late 1800s. Included are a working fire alarm box with street box and tapper.

Display Case Number 5

Contains shoulder patches from all over the States and world!

Shelf Display

This changes continually with various items on display.