Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission promotes responsible environmental stewardship in the City of Biddeford.

The Commission consists of seven commissioners, appointed for a five-year term. Annually, at its first meeting, the commission elects a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and secretary. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  1. Chrystina Gastelum

    58 Pike Street
    Term Expires: 12/2022

  2. Richard Rhames

    Vice Chair
    Phone: (207) 282-2119
    10 West Loop Road
    Term Expires: 12/2021

  3. Thomas Craven

    Phone: (207) 286-1280
    56 L. B. Orcutt Blvd, #4
    P.O. Box 59, Biddeford Pool ME 04006
    Term Expires 12/2024

  4. Kenneth Buechs

    Phone: (207) 282-3954
    10 Seal Lane
    Term Expires: 12/2022

  5. Maya Atlas

    Phone: (303) 918-2341
    92 Granite Street, #2
    Term Expires:12/2024

  1. Mathew Eddy

    Planning and Development Director
    Phone: (207) 282-7119

A Letter from the Conservation Commission

Dear Biddeford Homeowner:

In an effort to encourage the safest and most environmentally friendly methods for caring for our lawns and gardens, the City of Biddeford has adopted the Best Management Practices (BMP) for the Application of Pesticides and Fertilizers on City of Biddeford Properties.

Biddeford Yard Smart Logo

Importance of Following the BMP Recommendations

Following these practices can go a long way towards ensuring the health of our watershed, your family and pets, and the fishing industries that are so important to our town.

The way each of us cares for our lawn can have an impact on us all. Many of the BMP recommendations apply to individual lawns, and we are hoping that you will join the movement to minimize reliance on weed and insect controls and to take a healthier approach to lawn care. 

Helpful Resources

The Conservation Commission has compiled several resources for homeowners, including:

Feel free to contact any member of the Conservation Commission. We will be happy to give you (or find for you) answers to any questions that you may have. Email board member Tom Craven.

More Information

Several organizations can provide more information about conservation efforts.