From: Matt Lauzon [mailto:matt.d.lauzon@gmail.com] Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 10:33 AM To: Bennett, James <James.Bennett@Biddefordmaine.org>; Jacques, Keith <krj@woodedlaw.com> Subject: FOAA Request (5/16)


May 16, 2017

Dear City Solicitor Keith Jacques and City Manager Jim Bennett:

This is a request under the Freedom of Access Act.

I request copies of any and all communication and related documents, electronic or otherwise, that meet the following criteria;

A) Refer to, directly or indirectly, financing or  financing strategy of a parking structure in Biddeford.

B) Occurred on or created between the dates of January 1, 2017  and May 16, 2017.

C) Included at least one person on the communication who was employed, elected or appointed to represent the city of Biddeford in some capacity at that time.

I request a waiver of all fees for this request. Disclosure of the requested information to me is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of the government. In the case you choose not to waive fees for this request, I'd request you send me two hours worth of work and provide an estimate for completing the rest. I'd ask the you start the work first with the city manager's communication, next with the mayor, and then sequentially by city councilor based on their involvement in the project from greatest to least.

Thank you.

Matthew Lauzon