The City of Biddeford is Requesting Qualifications (RFQ) to select a qualified vendor to provide on-call consultation with the City on general public relations matters. The prospective vendor replying to this RFQ will be or represent a firm, company or corporation possessing relevant experience and expertise. Supporting documentation must thoroughly describe how the vendor has supplied expertise for similar contracts and work in Public Relations, and how vendor would approach the needs outlined in the Scope of Work. A proven experience in municipal marketing/public relations is recommended.

Qualifications are due no later than 4:00 PM, Friday, October 19, 2018.

The complete RFQ may be downloaded in the document section to the right.

RFQ Documents

Questions and Clarifications

  • Can companies from Outside the USA apply for this RFQ?  Answer:  Yes, it is a competitive process and open to the business market.
  • Will onsite meetings be required?  Answer:  There is a possibility that onsite meetings will be needed therefore responders should plan on having the capability to attend onsite meetings.
  • Can the successful respondent perform the tasks (related to the TFQ) from outside the USA?  Answer:  Generally, no, see the bullet above related to onsite meetings.
  • Can proposals be submitted via email?  Answer:  The RFQ specifically states that electronic submittals will not be accepted.