November 5, 2019 General Election Information

The State Referendum and Municipal General Election was held on November 5, 2019.

Biddeford Voters voted on two State Referendum Questions; and Municipally, voted for Mayor, City Council, School Committee, Wardens and Ward Clerks.

The unofficial results of the Election are now available.

Mayor: Alan M. Casavant
Ward 1 Councilor: William Emhiser
Ward 2 Councilor: John A. McCurry, Jr.
Ward 3 Councilor: Stephen P. St. Cyr
Ward 4 Councilor: Robert E. Quattrone, Jr.
Ward 5 Councilor: Amy Clearwater
Ward 6 Councilor: Norman R. Belanger
Ward 7 Councilor: Michael J. Ready
Councilors-At-Large: Marc P. Lessard and Doris E. Ortiz 

School Committee: Randy Forcier, Dominic Deschambault, Amy Grohman, Lisa Vadnais, Karen Ruel, Rebecca Henry, and Nathan Bean.

Ward 1 Warden: Tina J. Turgeon
Ward 5 Warden: Robert W. Cote
Ward 6 Warden: Colombe G. Cote
Ward 7 Warden: Kathleen M. Pinard

Ward 1 Ward Clerk: Odette B. Gornick
Ward 4 Ward Clerk: Anne M. Strout
Ward 5 Ward Clerk: Lorraine D. Auger
Ward 7 Ward Clerk: Sterling G. Roop

State Referendum Question 1 (Bond: Highways, Bridges, Multimodal Facilities): Yes
State Referendum Question 2 (Resolution: Alternative Signature for Persons w/Disability): Yes

Sample Ballots