RFP - Server 2016 Upgrade Domain Controllers

Server 2016 Upgrade Domain Controllers 

The City of Biddeford is a Municipality with a population of 22,000. The goal of this RFP is to create new 2016 domain controllers, migrate users, files, group policy etc. to the new servers.

City will provide two Microsoft Server 2016 Servers



  • Provide 40 Cores 2019 Microsoft DataCenter Server Licensing
  • Create two Server 2016 domain controllers.
  • Migrate from existing domain controllers to the two new servers including FISMO rolls, DNS, DHCP, user files etc.
  • Review Group Policy and apply best practices
  • Create logon scripts to map user’s currently mapped drives, and printers.
  • Demote and decommission current Domain Controllers.  Domain controller is currently Windows Server 2007.  Backup Domain Controller is Windows Server 2012.
  • Review and Raise domain and forest functional levels to highest level supported by current applications
  • Migrate current Trust relationship with second existing domain
  • Current Domain Controllers support 300 users and 500GB of data

Bids for this are due on November 8, 2019 at 2:00 P.M.  Please see the full RFP in the related Documents Section of this page.

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