Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, the City Council approved the following appropriation for the Fiscal Year 2021 budget:

FY21 Budget
General Government:   $11,189,158
Public Safety:               $10,196,871
Public Works:                 $4,966,056
Public Services:             $2,521,727
Debt Service:                 $2,876,539
Capital Outlays:             $1,361,047
Contingency:                    $500,000      
Total:                           $33,611,398

City Estimated Revenues 
Other Non-Property Tax Revenue:                               $7,561,866
State Revenue Sharing:                                               $1,987,500
Homestead:                                                                  $1,144,521
BETE:                                                                             $ 350,000
Appropriations from Operational Surplus, City:              $ 550,000
Total Estimated Revenues and Appropriations:    $11,593,887 

With the budget as approved, the expected tax rate for FY21 would be $20.05, assuming there is a positive vote at the July 14 School Budget Validation Referendum Election. With the increase in the Homestead Exemption for FY21, qualifying residents with homes valued at less than $1.45 million could expect to see a property tax bill decrease at this new tax rate.

Capital Budget

The approved Fiscal Year 2021 Budget included $1,361,047 for capital expenditures, vehicle replacements, and paving.

  • 18 projects across various departments will be funded for a total allocation of $625,995. The project list covers one-time projects, accruals for future completion of projects to reduce the single-year financial impact, and a combination of the two.
  • Vehicle purchases/leasing totals $265,000.
  • 15 streets are set to be paved this year for a total of $470,052. These streets were selected to be prioritized based on relative conditions of streets, available funds, and location.
FY21 Capital Budget Allocation

Background Information

The Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Process first began on Thursday, March 5 when the City Manager presented the budget proposal to the City Council. 

Due to the current public health crisis, our Councilors and staff shifted away from budget work for a period of time in order to focus on the immediate needs of our residents. Additionally, priorities and considerations for the upcoming year have shifted in the face of our changing world. The City Manager presented a revised version of the budget to the City Council on May 12, 2020.

Budget Committee Meetings

The City Council discusses and motions to adjust the budget proposal during Budget Committee Meetings.

Budget Approval

Public Hearing Notice - This Public Hearing Notice reflects the proposed FY21 Budget as moved from the Budget Committee to the City Council.

2020 - 2021 School Budget Information

The School Budget is created by the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee but is given final approval by the City Council and voters. Visit the Biddeford Schools website for detailed information on the 2020-21 Budget.

Original Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Information

This information is provided for historical purposes only.