McArthur Library Updates

Updated July 6, 2020

McArthur Library remains closed to public entry at this time.

1) cloudLibrary e-books and e-audiobooks

We continue to have free e-books and e-audiobooks accessible through cloudLibrary. If you have not used cloudLibrary before, or have not connected with us in a while, send us an email and we can walk you through it! 

2) Returning Library Items

Our book drop remains open for returns. If you have items checked out from back in Feb/March or anytime up until mid-June, we wanted to remind you that those are due back to us by July 10th. While no late fees are being charged, returning your items does help because they will be available sooner to other patrons.

3) McArthur @ Your Mailbox

If you have not heard yet, we can now check out material to you and mail it to you at your home. Cool, safe, and convenient, no? We think so and it is getting rave reviews so far!

Click here for an example of the info sheet you will receive with each package; it explains how our new service works and how you can get started.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to us in support of the service and the cost of shipping/packaging. You are helping to support a sustainable and equitable program for everyone! 

4) Programming

Check out the June schedule below for digital programming and visit the McArthur Library website for updates. 

2020 Summer Learning Schedule: For all ages!

Want to hear something amazing? The team here have put together almost 200 videos since the middle of March, including entertainment, instructional (from drawing to cooking), local history, and plenty of story-times. They have been BUSY! If you saw it on Facebook (or somehow missed it!), you can find it here. Visit our channel and subscribe or bookmark, because we are always adding new content.

Library Online Events July 2020