Buzzell Road Paving Improvement Project

The Buzzell Road Ditching/Pavement Improvement Project is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 25, 2020. The project will consist of grinding the existing hot top, some ditch work and culvert repair, and new pavement.

The start date and progression of work is weather dependent and subject to change. It is anticipated that the project will take approximately 30 days. The contractor is Shaw Brothers Inc.

We offer the following additional information with regard to the new pavement that will be installed:

1) Try to avoid making sharp turns when turning in and out of your driveways. The grinding of tires, especially in the sun, will tend to scar the pavement surface. Please be aware, however, that any scarring that does occur is superficial and will not affect the integrity of the pavement.

2) Please pay special attention to cleaning or removing shoes when entering your home. The pavement oils and asphalt material will tend to “stick” to shoes for a period of time during the curing process and can stain floors and/or carpeting.

We wish to thank you again for your anticipated cooperation in removing your vehicles from the designated areas at the appropriate times. It is an essential aspect of this construction and the community’s full cooperation is needed to ensure the workers’ productivity and a positive finished work product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Public Works Department at 282-1579.