BSOOB Transit Fare Changes

On Thursday October 1, BSOOB Transit will resume fare collection on all of its routes and will launch DiriGo TouchPass, its new electronic fare collection system. Riders should download the DiriGo TouchPass app or obtain a reloadable smart card at the Saco Transportation Center in preparation for October 1. DiriGo TouchPass can be used on all BSOOB Transit vehicles as well as Greater Portland Metro and South Portland bus services. While cash will still be accepted, using this contactless system is a safer way to pay and entitles riders to free transfers within 90 minutes of initial boarding as well as access to a rewards program which institutes fare capping. With fare capping, all rides are kept track of electronically on a monthly basis to earn free rides for frequent riders.

Upon account creation, smartphone users will be able to load value themselves, while stored value card users will be able to load value at national chain stores such as Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS, and many others.

BSOOB Transit’s regional fare policy will also take effect on October 1. Local rides are now $2 per trip, the Portland Inner City Connector is $4 per trip, and the Zoom Express remains $5 per trip.

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