Smoke Testing Sewer Lines

Smoke Testing Sewer Lines

Wright-Pierce will be conducting a smoke test of portions of the City's sanitary sewer system. This survey will assist our inspection crews in locating breaks and defects in the sewer system.

The smoke you may see coming from building vent stacks, building roof leaders, the ground, or manholes is NON-TOXIC, NON-STAINING, HAS NO ODOR, IS WHITE TO GRAY IN COLOR, AND CREATES NO FIRE HAZARD. The graphic below shows examples of places where you may see smoke during the test.

Homeowners will receive notices in the form of door hangers prior to testing in their area. If the area near your home is set to be tested, please take note of the following:

  • The smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up plumbing traps.
  • It is advisable for the homeowner to pour a gallon of water into floor drains/other plumbing fixtures after notice is received of nearby testing. 
  • If smoke enters your home or business, this is an indicator that sewer gases may also be entering your home or business. You should notify work crews if this occurs. If you are not home and discover smoke when you return, please call the contact below.
  • If there is any individual in your home or business who has respiratory problems and is immobile, please call the contact below prior to testing.
  • Please be advised that weather, weekends, and holidays may extend the announced testing schedule.

 CONTACT:  Steve Guerrette or Alex Liptak @ 207-725-8721

Upcoming Streets:

Week of June 7

  • May St
  • Yale St
  • Western Ave (Southern)
  • Summit St
  • South St
  • Rugby St
  • Round Hill St
  • Roverts St
  • Pare St
  • Harvard St
  • Dartmouth St
  • Colonial Drive
  • Amherst St
  • Alfred St (South from Rt 1)
  • Orchard St
  • Lessard Ave
  • Lamothe Ave (Western)
  • Waco Drive
  • Travers St
  • Rathier St
  • Precourt St
  • Pinewood Circle
  • Oakwood Circle
  • Oakwood Lane
  • Marcel Ave
  • Lindale Ave
  • Lemieux St
  • Lavoie Ave
  • Landry St
  • Janelle St
  • Jabez Lane
  • Hill St (Southern)
  • Hewey St
  • Grayson St
  • Forest St
  • Fernande St
  • Elm St (South from Rt 1)
  • Cole Rd
  • Carver St
  • Booth St
  • Birchwood Lane
  • Beaudoin Ave
  • Arctic Circle

  • Adams St
  • Alfred St (Main to W Myrtle)
  • Bacon St
  • Birch St
  • Clarks Ct
  • Cottage St
  • Emery St
  • Fall St
  • Foss & Pool St
  • Foss St
  • Franklin St
  • Hill St
  • Jefferson St
  • Main St (Laconia to Hill)
  • Mt Vernon St
  • Pool St (Vicinity of Foss)
  • Prospect St (From Lambert to Prospect Ext)
  • Sheltra Ave
  • Summer St
  • Washington St
  • Windsor Lane
  • Winter Gdn
Smoke Test Example Graphic