RFP - ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

RFP - American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

 The City of Biddeford is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide a comprehensive evaluation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility compliance of City facilities, programs, services, and communications. In this context, a City program will mean all City services, activities, employment practices and/or communications addressed by ADA regulations. The project will involve conducting a self-evaluation and the end product will be a formal ADA Transition Plan, including estimated costs for addressing barriers identified.  Proposals are due on or before 2:00 EDT Friday, June 4, 2021.

The full RFP document may be downloaded from the Related Documents Section of this page.

Questions Received and Responded to:

From: Jennie Grover
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 9:04 AM
To: brian.phinney@biddefordmaine.org
Cc: 'Barbara Thorpe' <BThorpe@DAC-corp.com>; Tim Mahoney <tmahoney@dac-corp.com>
Subject: Biddeford ADA Self-Assessment and Transition Plan RFP - Disability Access Consultants, LLC


Hello Mr. Phinney,


Our firm, Disability Access Consultants, LLC, is preparing a response to the City of Biddeford RFP for an ADA Self-assessment and Transition Plan.  To assist with preparing our proposal, we would like to submit the following questions regarding the scope of work.


  1. Will the City please provide square footage information indicating the size of the City facilities that will be included in the survey?
    1. Police Dept                        39 Alfred                               Approx 17,360 sqft
    2. J Richard Martin Ctr        189 Alfred                               Approx 41,500 sqft
    3. Fire Dept                             152 Alfred                               Approx 18,918 sqft
    4. Public Access Bldg           15 Columbus Way                 Approx   5,570 sqft
    5. Public Works Garage      371 Hill                                Approx    7,000 sq ft + highbay and bus garage
    6. City Hall                              205 Main                               Approx 43,400 sq ft
    7. Wastewater Treatment  51-57 Water                   Approx    3,450 sqft
    8. Bath House                        Beach House Lane         Approx       160 sqft
    9. Municipal Airport            87-88 Landry                  Approx    1,512 sqft
    10. Parks & Rec Storage        284 Hill                                Approx    4,200 sqft
    11. Biddeford Teen Ctr          550 Main                               Approx    2,560 sqft                               
  2. Are the schools listed as Alternative Facilities to be included in the surveys?  If so, can the City also provide the sizes of the schools?  The schools are not included.  The limit of the survey will be the sidewalk access to these facilities.
  3. Are the park sites in Appendix A that have dashed strike throughs across the facility name to be excluded from the assessments?  They are excluded except for: Waterhouse Field - St. Louis Field – Parcel ID 28-270, which shall be included.


Thank you very much.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide the City with a proposal for our services.  


Jennie Grover

Director of Administrative Services

Disability Access Consultants


Office:   (800) 743-7067


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