River Wall Repair

A portion of the RiverWalk located next to the overlook unexpectedly washed away during heavy rainfall at the end of October 2021. For your safety, please do not cross any of the barriers that have been placed around the damaged area.

In order to prevent additional erosion and complete an assessment of the damage, a temporary structure called a cofferdam will need to be installed to keep water away from this area. Once the cofferdam is installed, a structural engineer will assess the damage and work to develop a plan and design for repairs. At an emergency City Council Meeting on November 3, the City Council provided authorization to allow these repair efforts to begin immediately. 

While work is in progress:

  • The entrance to the North Dam Mill, located at 2 Main Street across from Mechanics Park, will be closed to vehicle access. Please plan to access the North Dam Mill parking lot by vehicle via York and Laconia Streets.
  • The RiverWalk Overlook and Laconia Plaza will be closed until further notice. The pedestrian bridge to Saco will remain accessible.

RiverWalk Road Closure Map