Questions and Answers

Bruce F. Quigley, 12.15.21


First thank you for the Zoom meeting last night. A couple of suggestions for future presentations, would be to have the zoom video only focus on the presentation so it fills our screens. This instead of the split screen viewed last night. Another suggestion would be to remind speakers to stand close to the microphone so we can clearly hear them.

After reviewing the "volume schematics" Pg 30 and 31 is there or has there been any data collected for the Rte 1 (Elm St.) / Biddeford Connector intersection? This would provide a complete picture as it relates to the flow of traffic to the pike and/or continuing (in either direction) on Rte 1 vs heading to the Turnpike.


We apologize for the less than perfect execution of our meeting. This was the city’s first try at a hybrid meeting and we did not realize the issue you identify in terms of the screen split until the meeting was over. Our apologies  We expect to have a better broadcasting system in the Council Chambers by February 2022, so these logistical concerns should be resolved by the next public meeting.

In terms of your question about the Route 1/Biddeford Connector intersection, no we do not expect to collect that data, as that location is not in the study area and not critical for understanding turnpike patterns associated with connections to South Street and Route 111 to the west.

Thanks very much for your interest.