Maine Property Tax Stabilization Program

Program Update (August 2023)

Last year, the State of Maine introduced Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens, also known as the Property Tax Stabilization Program or LD290. This is a State program that allows qualified senior citizen residents to stabilize or freeze the property taxes on their homestead. 

As a result of recent changes in the law, which was repealed by the Maine Legislature during their last session, the Tax Stabilization Program will only apply to the property tax year beginning April 1, 2023. 

The Property Tax Stabilization law (LD290) will remain in effect for this upcoming tax year (2023). If you previously applied and qualified, your tax bill will not increase for the tax year 2023 even if your valuation increases. Because the program has been eliminated for future years, you will not be able to reapply for 2024.

However, this same legislation has expanded the eligibility thresholds for participation in the Property Tax Deferral Program and increased the maximum benefit available under the Property Tax Fairness Credit.

Below is a brief description of these two expanded programs and other exemption programs offered. You will also find the phone numbers and email addresses for you to contact for more information. 

Please note: While the City of Biddeford played a role in the administration of this program, we had no part in its creation or repeal.

Property Tax Fairness Credit

  • Eligible Maine taxpayers may receive a portion of the property income tax or rent paid during the tax year on the Maine individual income tax return whether they owe Maine income tax or not.  If the credit exceeds the amount of your individual income tax due for the tax year, the excess amount of credit will be refunded to you.
  • This program credit has increased to $2,000.  It also loosens limits on the program in a way that allows the benefits to remain constant for a Mainer whose spouse passes away.  
  • To claim this credit, you must file Form 1040ME and Schedule PTFC for the tax year during which the property tax or rent was paid.   
  • Note:  This program is not administered by the City of Biddeford


MRS Taxpayer Contact center @ 207-624-9784 Email:

MRS Income Tax Division @ 207-626-8475 Email:

For more information visit

State Property Tax Deferral Program

  • This program is a lifeline loan program that covers the annual tax bills of Maine seniors ages 65 and older or permanently disabled who cannot afford to pay them on their own. The loan program requires repayment of the loan once the property is sold or becomes part of an estate.
  • The income limits on this program have been doubled to $80,000 and the asset limit was raised to $100,000.
  • Note:  This program is administered by the State; however, applications must be filed with the Biddeford Assessor’s office between January 1st and April 1st each year.  Applications are then forwarded to Maine Revenue Services who will review and make the determination for acceptance and approval.

MRS Property Tax Division @ 207-624-5600   Email:

For more information, visit

Other Property Tax Relief Programs

Homestead Exemption: This program provides a measure of property tax relief for certain individuals that have owned homestead property in Maine for at least 12 months and make the property they occupy on April 1st their permanent residence. Property owners would receive an exemption of $25,000.

Veteran Exemption:  A veteran who served during a recognized war period and is 62 years or older; or, is receiving 100% disability as a Veteran; or, became 100% disabled while serving, is eligible for $6,000 exemption   

Widow/Widower of Veteran Exemption:  Any Maine resident who is a non-remarried widow or widower of a veteran who would have been entitled to the Veteran Exemption is eligible for a $6,000 exemption.

Paraplegic Veteran:  A veteran who received a federal grant for a specially adapted housing unit may receive a $50,000 exemption.

Blind Exemption:  An individual who is determined to be legally blind receives a $4,000 exemption.

Renewable Energy Investment Exemption: This program exempts renewable energy equipment, such as solar panels, from property tax beginning April 1, 2020. Taxpayers must apply for the credit by April 1st of the first year the exemption is requested.           

*We are currently not assessing this equipment, however, you may apply for future assessment*

Applications for these programs are at the Biddeford Assessor’s office. For questions with these programs, call 207-284-9003 or Email: 

You can also find them at

Local Legislature Representatives

Rep. Erin R. Sheehan (District 132)

P.O Box 1423 

Biddeford, ME 04005  


Rep. Marc G Malon II (District 133)

P.O Box 24 

Biddeford, ME 04005


Rep. Traci Gere (District 134)

7 Towne Street

Kennebunkport, ME 04046


Sen. Henry Ingwersen

46 Ginger Hill Lane

Arundel, ME 04046