Ordinance Information

Recycling Contamination Enforcement

In October 2022, the Biddeford City Council approved an amendment to the City’s recycling ordinance that would enable the Public Works Department to revoke recycling services from repeat offenders in a three-strike system. 

The first and second times in a 12-month period that a recycling container is found contaminated, the container will not be emptied and the household will receive a notice explaining how to improve their recycling. The third time, a household will no longer receive recycling collection services and will be required to lease a larger trash bin and pay the associated fees.

Variances to the Program

The program has a built in variance procedure and process should anyone feel that the program will not serve their needs. If this is the case for you, please write down your concerns, what you feel does not work for your situation and what accommodation you would request. This written correspondence should be sent to the Public Works Director for a determination on your request.