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Biddeford Municipal Airport Survey

  1. Biddeford Municipal Airport
    88 Landry Street
    Biddeford, ME 04005

    Phone: 207-282-1893

    Email Airport Manager

  2. Please take a moment to help us improve your experience at the Biddeford Municipal Airport.

  3. 1. Do you or your business colleagues and customers utilize the Biddeford Municipal Airport to conduct business?:

  4. 2. For what purpose to you access the airport?:

  5. 3. Are you aware of how the aviation industry may help benifit your business?:

  6. 4. What type of aircraft do you fly? (Check all that apply):

  7. 5. How often do you access the airport?:

  8. 6. How many miles do you fly for business on an annual basis?:

  9. 7. Do you currently experience any limitations while operating at the airport?:

  10. 8. What type of limitations do you experience? (Check all that apply):

  11. 9. Which facility upgrades would enhance your experience and usage at the airport?:

  12. 10. How would you rate the staff?:

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