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Yard Smart Pledge

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  2. I will do my best to follow these guidelines:
    • Test my soil first.
    • Avoid the use of phosphorus unless indicated by the soil test.
    • Not apply fertilizer if a strong rain is predicted. Use only fertilizer that contains slow or time release nitrogen.
    • Fertilize in the Fall not the Spring to encourage root growth for a hardier lawn.
    • Mow my lawn when it reaches 3 inches or more and leave the clipping on the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer.
    • Create a minimum 25 feet buffer zone of untreated grass or other vegetation around water bodies.
    • Know the size of my lawn and not over-apply fertilizer. I will read the directions before applying.
    • Water my lawn wisely and infrequently. Turn my irrigation system off if it is going to rain.
    • Allow clover to grow so it can compliment grasses, fill in where grass can't grow and help control weeds.
    • Use herbicides/insecticides sparingly and only in the spots needed. I will weed by hand if possible.
    • Not leave fertilizer, weed or insect controls on impervious surfaces. Sweep them back into the lawn.
  3. I pledge to minimize my reliance on weed and insect controls and take a healthier approach to lawn care in order to ensure the health and safety of our watershed.*
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