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1. Why is the City dealing with parking changes anyways?
2. Where is the parking demand coming from?
3. Now that I have an understanding of the reasons why the City is dealing with the parking issue, can you explain to me what goals are driving these changes?
4. Please explain how the parking program will achieve these goals?
5. How are changes in the downtown impacting the general property taxes in the community?
6. How is the increased demand for parking impacting the downtown?
7. Why isn't it the plan to let the people that have been long term tenants and taxpayers continue to park for free and have the new people causing the demand pay?
8. I heard that in the past the City has given out parking waivers through the Planning Board review process. Is this the reason for the parking challenges?
9. If my project received a waiver, does it mean that I should continue to get ‘free’ parking?
10. Will the Planning Board continue to issue parking waivers for new projects?
11. I am a property taxpayer in the community that seldom comes into the downtown. Why should I care about this issue at all?
12. How will these parking changes affect my taxes?
13. What will parking revenues be used for?
14. How did you take the opinions of residents into consideration in the process of designing a new parking program for the downtown?
15. How were these changes communicated to residents and business owners?
16. Is there a process in place for adjusting parking policy to respond to citizen concerns?
17. What if I just need to park for a few minutes to pick up my takeout order?
18. Who can I contact if I still have questions?